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Bill Ludwig

With a whistle and a smile, we find ourselves in Jenny's world. We'll stroll beneath the flowers, take a ride perched upon a snail's shell and befriend a local garden gnome. "Jenny" is a kid-friendly tune full of banjo twang, mandolins and big bass - all come together for a toe-tapping good time.
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  1. Jenny

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Who the heck is Bill Ludwig and why should I care?
Bill Ludwig is a prolific songwriter and performer. He's been the official Town Troubadour of Manchester, CT, USA since March of 2018. He is the founding member of the Manchester, CT Songwriters Association. And he's the founding member of Americana trio MARMO - whose current lineup includes Bill, songwriter Christian Loftus and Manchester, CT Town Troubadour Emeritus Dan Thompson.

As of Spring, 2023, Bill has released the following albums:

The Elephant (2014), Motivator (2015), A Week Of Mondays (MARMO, 2016), One Hundred Miles Of Bad Road (2017), Fictional (MARMO, 2018), Songbirds Of North America (MARMO, 2019), Big Songs For Small People & Small Songs For Big People (2019), Kind (2020), Beautiful (2021), Dispatches From An Aging Globe (2022), How Fares The Harvest (MARMO, 2022), Peace On Earth (2022), Songs Of Village Charm (2023), Rhymes With Banjo (2023)

In addition, Bill has released FOUR volumes of his "Bedroom Tapes" series (73 tracks to date), documenting the songs Bill wrote and recorded between 1990 and 1995. There are several more volumes planned which will cover the remaining years through 2013 (just prior to the release of The Elephant, Bill's first official release)

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