Ramblings and noise

Listening Party! 

Hey, y'all. 

How's things? I mean besides THAT. Yeah, and also besides THAT too. Are you good? Hanging in there? I sure hope so. We'll get through this, I'm pretty sure.

So, listen... I have a new album called "Kind". It's 100% done. But I'm holding off releasing it. "Why?", you're asking? I'm so crazy proud of this album and I really want to be able to get out and support it with gigs. 

But, my darling supporters, I want to give you an opportunity to hear it NOWish. And I've got an idea that I'm obsessively trying to figure out how to execute. I'm almost there and close enough to pulling it together that I'm ready to tell you what it is:

An INTERACTIVE LIVE STREAM of the entire album! I'll host the thing, I'll be right there for your questions and comments (and criticism and verbal abuse) and we can all listen to the new thing LIVE and TOGETHER. Pretty great, right?

Best of all, I'm gonna give it to you absolutely FREE.

I'm super excited for you to hear the new set of tunes and can't wait to make the official announcement. Get ready, true believers. I'll have an update soon!



There's Stuff Happening On My Patreon 

Hey, y'all...

A couple of years ago I started this Patreon page HERE. And I was pretty darn lucky. The dollars my Patrons provided was entirely spent on the production of physical CDs and promotion and advertising for my last solo project - "Big Songs.../Small Songs...". I am ridiculously grateful to have the direct support of a handful of folks who dig what I do.

Now, my Patreon funds are accumulating in an account for the production and advertising for the upcoming KIND album (which again is completely finished - I'm just waiting for the right time to release when I can go out and promote it with live gigs). 

As we wait for that release, I've been giving my Patrons an inside look at my back catalog of tunes I've written and demo'd but haven't found a project to squeeze them into. Every couple of weeks, I'm posting a link to a completely unheard song - I've got dozens ready to go. 

Did I pique your interest? Here's an example of an unreleased song: 

One More Cup a-Steepin'

Pretty good, right? If you're into getting an inside look into my process, and listening to tunes no one else has ever heard - please consider joining my Patreon! For a couple of measly bucks a month, you too can crawl inside my head. It's nice in here, I swear.

An update... 

So, I know. Hi. Yes, I know I've been a little quiet lately. I apologize for that. In case you're not following me other places: 

I am again fully employed. I have a full-time gig doing what I do best (professionally) and have fairly well settled in. My family is nearly recovered financially from the months I was out of work due to the coronavirus and things are OK. I wanted you to know that. 

I also want you to know that my group MARMOs 95% complete album 'Tin Bridge' is on hold. We've decided that our releases should coincide with a live release concert, and we can't do that safely right now. So we pause. 

But that pause has allowed me to accelerate the timeline on my next solo album, 'Kind'. That album is now COMPLETE. I've got one or two little tweaks to do with the final mix, but it's done. The dishes are done. You'll see me starting to roll that out shortly... I'm targeting a digital release around Labor Day! There will be CDs, but no hurry, obviously. 

One last thing... I've been trying for a few years now to get my hands on billludwig.com. I'm happy to announce that I now own it and have started building a web page at it. 

So, feel free to take a look at it. Poke around. And let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me do with it. Thanks!