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Listening Party! 

Hey, y'all. 

How's things? I mean besides THAT. Yeah, and also besides THAT too. Are you good? Hanging in there? I sure hope so. We'll get through this, I'm pretty sure.

So, listen... I have a new album called "Kind". It's 100% done. But I'm holding off releasing it. "Why?", you're asking? I'm so crazy proud of this album and I really want to be able to get out and support it with gigs. 

But, my darling supporters, I want to give you an opportunity to hear it NOWish. And I've got an idea that I'm obsessively trying to figure out how to execute. I'm almost there and close enough to pulling it together that I'm ready to tell you what it is:

An INTERACTIVE LIVE STREAM of the entire album! I'll host the thing, I'll be right there for your questions and comments (and criticism and verbal abuse) and we can all listen to the new thing LIVE and TOGETHER. Pretty great, right?

Best of all, I'm gonna give it to you absolutely FREE.

I'm super excited for you to hear the new set of tunes and can't wait to make the official announcement. Get ready, true believers. I'll have an update soon!