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There's Stuff Happening On My Patreon 

Hey, y'all...

A couple of years ago I started this Patreon page HERE. And I was pretty darn lucky. The dollars my Patrons provided was entirely spent on the production of physical CDs and promotion and advertising for my last solo project - "Big Songs.../Small Songs...". I am ridiculously grateful to have the direct support of a handful of folks who dig what I do.

Now, my Patreon funds are accumulating in an account for the production and advertising for the upcoming KIND album (which again is completely finished - I'm just waiting for the right time to release when I can go out and promote it with live gigs). 

As we wait for that release, I've been giving my Patrons an inside look at my back catalog of tunes I've written and demo'd but haven't found a project to squeeze them into. Every couple of weeks, I'm posting a link to a completely unheard song - I've got dozens ready to go. 

Did I pique your interest? Here's an example of an unreleased song: 

One More Cup a-Steepin'

Pretty good, right? If you're into getting an inside look into my process, and listening to tunes no one else has ever heard - please consider joining my Patreon! For a couple of measly bucks a month, you too can crawl inside my head. It's nice in here, I swear.